Connecting You to Love / Finding True Love Online   

A love Chinese language guide book for Chinese women

Connecting You to Love

(Hong Kong Version)



1. Believing in Love
2. Achieving Love 
3. The Rules for Online Dating
4. Having a Good Communication
5. Long Distance Dating  
6. Western Attitude About Love and Marriage
7. Frequently Asked Questions

Finding True Love Online

(Mainland China Version)

"Connecting You to Love/Finding True Love Online" has been written by the co-founder and director of Asian Promise Dawn  Xiao Yan Li. Since Asian Promise launched in the year 2000, Xiao Yan has counselled our members on personal matters of love and relationships on a daily basis through emails and telephone calls, and annual workshops. We have helped many many ladies meet their love. However we have also found the need for a more general education on love and culture for our Chinese ladies. Although there are many books, courses and other sources of information on relationships, love, marriage, communication etc. in the West, there are few in China.

In order to help our members find their true love more effectively, Xiao Yan has written the book "Connecting You to Love"  for Chinese readers, in which we have covered:

  • - Developing the right attitudes  and confidence towards love.
  • - Rules for online dating. By following certain online dating rules ladies will have more chance of finding  true love.
  • - Communication skills in relationship building.
  • - Managing long distance relationships.
  • - Western thoughts about love, marriage and sex.
  • - Cultural tips and advice on cross cultural love.
  • - The answers to frequently asked questions by ladies.

We have used many true stories from Asian Promise and other dating sites to demonstrate the efficiency of dating online and the reality of true love. We believe "Connecting You to Love" will bring more confidence and success for our members when dating through Asian Promise. The book has also drawn from the experience of Xiao Yan and her Western husband and co-founder of Asian Promise, Richard. It is through the support and strength that their own cross cultural love has given each other, that Xiao Yan has had the inspiration and belief to write this ebook so that others may share the same depth of love.  

Asian Promise are grateful to many Chinese ladies who helped us and encouraged us to write the book. We also thank many western men for their contributions to the chapter "Cross Cultural Dating" in the book, especially David A.R., Jay McClellan, Kenneth C. and Scott Merry. Their help has greatly increased the value of the book for our readers. Many thanks for the kind support!


The Chinese version of the ebook "Connecting You to Love/Finding True Love Online" can be downloaded here, but will require a password to open. Each installation requires a separate password which is not transferable to installations on other computers.   Download "Connecting You to Love/Finding True Love Online"  in Chinese.


The Chinese version of "Connecting You to Love" has been published by "Hong Kong Cosmos Books" in May 2005 (traditional characters) and by "China Youth Press" in February in 2006 (simplified characters) with name "Finding True Love Online". Please Contact Us if you want to buy a hard copy. For the cover of the book, please see Xiao Yan Book.



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