Chinese Women in Love and Marriage







  1. A Brief History of Chinese Marriage

  1. Men were dominant for thousands of years

  2. Marriage reform over the last decades

  2. Chinese Women in Dating  and Marriage 

  1. The past: Victims of marriage

  2. Chinese women today

  3. How Chinese women differ from other Asian women?

  4. How Chinese women differ from Western women?

  5. Why choose Chinese ladies?

  6. Why Chinese ladies choose you?

  3. Dating Chinese Women

  1. Your honesty wins her honesty

  2. Dating her online

  3. Wisely mastering your dating progress

  4. Sex

  1. Money 

  2. Precautions

 4. How to Communicate Well

  1. Sincerity and Honesty

  2. Openness

  3. Be aware of difference in background

  4. Reassurance

  5. Help her learn English

  6. Choose the right communication tools

 5. Chinese Cultural tips on Dating and Marriage

  1. General culture tips

  2. Food cultural tips

 6. Getting Married - Paperwork

  1. Marry her in China

  2. Marry her in your country

 7. Afterword



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