Abstract from Chinese Women in Love and Marriage written by Dawn Xiao Yan Li


Suggestions for Your First Email to Her


1.      Be sincere, honest and open

2.      Address her by name and spell it correctly

3.      Tell her where you found her profile

4.      Tell her why you are interested in her (use the information she wrote in her profile)

5.      Further introduce yourself to her and reiterate what you are looking for in dating

6.      Show your interest at her cultural background

7.      Leave open questions (not just yes/no questions and answers) to create opportunities for further interactive communication

8.      Keep your English as easy to understand as possible



Suggested Questions to Help You Finding Your Miss Right


1. What are your values and how do you prioritize them?

2. What things are important in a relationship/marriage?

3. What is your expectation for your future husband?

3. What type of husband do you like – A hard worker? Family-minded? …

4. Why do you want to find a Western husband in particular?

5. What is your picture or expectation of life in the West?

6. Do you prefer to live in the city or the country?

7. What do you imagine life will be like in the countryside in the West?

8. Are you willing to move to a new country and accept a new life?

9. ...


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Communication Tips for Long Distance Relationship (LDR)


1.              Keep in daily communication via email

2.              Reply to her emails as soon as possible

3.              Phone or talk to her online via webcam once or twice a week

4.              Ensure she can contact you anytime and anywhere

5.              Let her know she is always on your mind

6.              Share your life by telling her what is going on in your week, and listen to her as well

7.              Reassure her by saying “I love you” as many times as possible, especially when you are going through difficulties

8.              Remind yourself continuously that being together is more important than anything else and nothing can stop you from joining her

9.              Let her know that you will overcome all difficulties to be with her

10.          Send her flowers, presents or cards on her birthday and on Valentine's Day

11.          Be open with her, and remove any weed between you before it grows too big

12.          Talk about your plans for your future life together

13.          See her in person as many times as possible (suggest two to three times a year)

14.          Be honest and show trust and commitment to each other at all times


Make a good use of LDR to achieve a solid foundation of your love!


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