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Marrying someone from overseas typically involves more paperwork than when marrying somone from the same country, but there is plenty of help out there to guide you through the process and achieve your dream. Often knowing where to start and where to look for help can be the hardest part.

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  • United States Citizens

    There are several different marriage visa options available to U.S. citizens wishing to marry a non-U.S. citizen and live together in the U.S. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. Asian Promise has partnered with TN Visa Expert to provide the following U.S. visa information. TN Visa Expert provides easy, affordable and trusted immigration solutions in the United States for marriage visas.

    The marriage visa options that will work for most couples are:

    1. 1. Adjustment of Status ($749 USD)

    2. 2. K1 Fiance Visa ( 2 payments of $199 USD)

    3. 3. K3 or CR1 Spouse Visa (2 payments of $399 USD)

    1.  Already in the U.S. Married? - Adjustment of Status

    If you have met someone and they are currently in the U.S. on a valid visa, you may be able to file for their Adjustment of Status without having them leave the U.S. Read more about the Adjustment of Status here. (

    2.  Not Married, Outside the U.S. - K1 Fiance Visa

    If you have met someone and they are currently outside the U.S. you can file for their K1 Fiance visa. This visa will allow them to enter the U.S., get married to you and apply for their Green Card. The main requirements for the K1 visa are: - The petitioner, the person filing the K1 visa, must be a U.S. citizen - You must both be free to married (legal age and not married to someone else) - You must have met each other in person in the last two years - The petitioner meets the minimum income requirement or has a financial sponsor. You can read more about the K1 Fiance visa here. (

    3.  Married, Outside the U.S. - K3/CR1 Spouse Visa

    If you are married to someone and they currently live outside the United States you can file their K3 or CR1 spouse visa. This visa will allow them to enter the U.S. and begin their life with you. There are slight differences between the K3 visa and the CR1 visa. Read more about the differences here (

    Important Notes Before Starting

    It is important you carefully choose the right visa since applying for a U.S. marriage visa can take anywhere from 4 months to 12 months, providing your application is completed correctly and no mistakes are made. Have patience and plan well so your application will take the least amount of time. The process can be confusing and stressful while you are separated from your fiance and waiting for the U.S. government's decision for your visa. TN Visa Expert, can help to answer your questions and ensure your marriage visa application is completed correctly so you can be rest assured that everything has been done to enable your fiance/spouse to quickly receive their Green Card. Around 30% of initial marriage visa applications are denied or delayed because either the wrong or insufficient information was provided or some of supporting documents were missing, so please be careful.

    If you have any questions on the visa application process or are unsure if you meet the visa requirements simply contact TN Visa Expert at Remember to tell them Asian Promise sent you.

    Non-U.S. Citizens

    From our experience at Asian Promise, most men from Western countries other than the USA choose to marry their fiancée abroad and then apply for a visitor visa to their own country. After the marriage, it normally takes 3-6 months (depending on the country) to process the visitor visa, which is usually quicker than applying for a fiancée visa.

    Although every country has its own policy and process for marrying someone from another country, every country requires you to provide good evidence to show your love is true. Therefore please do keep all your evidence, e.g.: your correspondence mail and telephone bills, papers to prove your visit(s) to her country, photos to prove you have been together, ways that you met etc., which will help you smooth the process a great deal.

    The processing of your paperwork can be a long wait for lovers. However it has proved that it hasn’t done any harm in most cases and often done a lot of good. It has helped people to mature their love in the meantime and to value their love after they marry. Be positive about it and think that many people have spent years and years to finally find their right match and happiness.

    For more advice and and tips about cross cultural relationships please read the book Chinese Women in Love and Marriage

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    4.   Volunteers list

    Asian Promise Volunteers list

    We have set up a list of volunteers from our successful couples in the various countries on the Asian Promise website below to help those of their own country now going through the process, pass along good advice, trials and tribulations. We appreciate their invaluable support very much. Please feel free in contacting them by email. To make sure your email is opened, please add "Asian Promise" in the subject.


    Bonnie and David: / - USA
    Edith and Chris: - England
    Amie and Michael: / - New Zealand
    Cherry and Paul: - USA
    Rong and Francis: - Ireland
    Rainbow and Mac: - USA
    Annie and Kris: - USA
    Xiaochuan and Richard: / - UK
    Greg and Nancy: - USA
    Hong and Norman: - Australia
    Bingxin and Bruce: - China/Scotland
    Jenny and Barry: - USA
    Heng and Thomas: - UK


    If you are our successful couple and want to be included in the list, please Contact Us to let us know your name, your member number in Asian Promise and your contact email address. We will encode your email address to protect it from spam robots before we publish it on this site. Many thanks for your kind support!