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请在“你的会员号”中填上你在“中诚”的会员号,在“你的电子邮箱地址”中填上你在“中诚”注册的电子邮箱地址。 然后将写给男士的信写在“信件内容”一栏里,写好后点击[发送]键即可。 你的信将直接发送到男士在中诚的信箱里,其中包括你的会员号和电子邮箱地址。你可登录中诚“我的信箱”来查看发出的信件记录。 男士收到信后,若有有兴趣,会直接与你联系。你需成为“中诚”会员后方可用此服务,请加入中诚

Please use the following form to send a personalised email to the man of your choice so that the man can reply to you directly at your registered email address. Please note that you must be a paid member to use this service. To become a paid member first Join for Free and then login to My Account to upgrade. You may send up to 10 emails a day and receive unlimited emails from our paid men.

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